Hello world

Welcome to my personal site! Following is the technical history of this blog.

History & Logs

  • Initially MSN Spaces (2008-2010).
  • Then transferred to wordpress as MSN Spaces demised, but actually stopped blogging.
  • Nov 28, 2013, Hello, finally got back here
  • Aug 17, 2014 Set up a personal site hosted freely by Hostinger, autoinstalled CMS WordPress. Imported wordpress.com content.
    1. 2014-9-5 Updated WordPress from 3.9 to 4.0
    2. 2014-8 cpu_exceeded, site down for a day, twice.
    3. 2014-9 updated wordpress and many themes, the account got suspended. Be cautious about this.
    4. 2014-9-12 Word count limit: darn 1k! refs: 1, 2, 3 (Well, it turn out to incurred by an unusual emoticon!)
    5. I blocked ips, but the site can only be available half day due to “cpu_exceeded”. So, I stopped using Hostinger. But return to 000webhost.
  • Sep 18, 2004 Export from Hostinger and import to wordpress.com, which was pretty much the same. So, I’m back, and probably settling down here. However, wordpress.com custom domain is tooooo expensive. So, this is just my blog.
  • Oct 3, 2014 After trying several themes I settled for the TwentyTen. It’s plainly splendid. Now it’s Big Brother, plainly clean.

Know How

Following is how to set up a web site, just like what I am doing.

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