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What I have learned in my PhD

What I Have Learned in My PhD It’s just a month away from my PhD thesis defense which would mark the end of my PhD training. One ending means another beginning. Before that it should be appropriate to revisit the … Continue reading

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The importance of first encounter

My friend once told me if only he met a girl he would fall in love at the first sight. I often have such an instinctual feeling that I can tell if I will love or like someone at the … Continue reading

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Interest driven, again, hopefully

Today I read a paper with interest and patience. It’s long time I don’t have such feeling. I hope that I will get the feeling back, find my passion back.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my personal site, powered by WordPress, hosted on Hostinger. Bootstrap Following is how to set up a web site, just like what I am doing. Manual wordpress installation Updates Technical updates 2014-9-5 Updated WordPress from 3.9 to 4.0  

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