Scipedia: a proposed organization of scientific research.


What is Scipedia?

  • Inspired by Wikipedia, which organize human knowledge by concepts
  • The organization of science knowledge is reflect by the subjects.
  • The basic unit of research is paper, to date.
  • As open science gain progress, the dataset, method, open source code, gadgets, reagents can also be given an ID, as elements of research.
  • The scipedia organize research To set who can view and edit your wiki, click on Settings and Permissions.



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  1. First step is construct knowledge map by introduction of paper.
  2. So as to aggregate related research in a topic.
  3. Researcher will evaluate papers and other research entirety’ credibility
  4. Newcomer will quickly grasp the cutting edges of a field and direction, save lots of time and energy to search related literature. So lower the barrier to contribution to science.

Originally posted as Scipedia on Wednesday, June 11.


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